Just Announced: World Music Pedagogy course - May 2023

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Understanding the impact of colonisation and exploring the 'why' of music education w/ Nate Holder



The evolution of music teacher identity: from Ecuador to UAE

w/ Jefferson Aranda



The art of body percussion

w/ Ollie Tunmer


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About the podcast

The Music Teachers in International Schools (MTIIS) podcast explores the unique world of music education in the international school context. You will hear amazing stories from music teachers working in international schools all around the world, learn tips and tricks from a global community of leading music ed experts, and be inspired to develop your capacity to be truly ‘international’ in your approach to music education.

Meet your Host: Chris Koelma

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm an Australian who has lived and worked as an international school music teacher in multiple countries. I am a music educator, researcher, consultant, professional development provider, and adventurer. The MTIIS aims to be the  place for connection between all music teachers working in international schools.

In my time as a head of music in one of Malaysia's biggest International schools, I always wanted to improve the capacity for connection and collaboration between music teachers working in international schools.

So by creating this resource, I'm hoping to bring together a truly global community of international school music teachers to learn and grow together. And I'm interviewing as many experts as I can find for you. Drop me an email if you have a suggested guest!

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