About the MTIIS

The Music Teachers In International Schools (MTIIS) community aims to create solidarity and connectivity amongst music educators working in international schools around the globe. The community provides three main things:

We hope you can make new connections and find ways to develop your practice through this community. Enjoy! 

Meet your Host: Chris Koelma

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm an Australian who has lived and worked as an international school music teacher in multiple countries. I am a music educator, researcher, consultant, professional development provider, and adventurer. The MTIIS aims to be the  place for connection between all music teachers working in international schools.

In my time as a head of music in one of Malaysia's biggest International schools, I always wanted to improve the capacity for connection and collaboration between music teachers working in international schools.

So by creating this resource, I'm hoping to bring together a truly global community of international school music teachers to learn and grow together. And I'm interviewing as many experts as I can find for you. Drop me an email if you have a suggested guest!