December 1

Ep 10 – Redefining the role of musical theatre in international schools w/ John Prignano from MTI Shows


This episode is dedicated to exploring musical theatre in international schools. 

I have consistently been blown away by the MTI Show Kits for school musicals. The value-for-money aspect of these kits is incredible. I specifically loved having the studio quality backing tracks for my primary/elementary musical productions - it made rehearsals so much easier!

In this episode, I am lucky to speak with John Prignano, the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development & Education at MTI (Music Theatre International) -

John was a professional broadway dancer before beginning at MTI and knows a thing or two about musical theatre education! MTI is known as one of the leading organisations for licensing musicals to international schools. Their resources are spectacular and their support is second to none. 

In this episode John and I:

  • Discuss the role of musical theatre in International schools.
  • Dig deep into the power of developing a strong program at your international school.
  • Explore some of the resources available through MTI Shows, including the exciting new "dramatic moments" concepts - which is perfect for classroom-based musical theatre work.
  • Discuss the best ways for international school teachers to find support with producing shows.

This is an episode not to be missed for international school music teachers looking to build their musical theatre programs!


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