December 14

Ep 11 – How has international school music teaching changed? w/ Delphine Hastwell, Emma Jones & Tara Berryman


The MTIIS podcast is all about sharing insight into the world of international school music education. Sometimes the episodes focus on a particular approach to pedagogy and other times we speak to an expert in a particular field.

This episode was such a special one to record. It included tears, laughter and some serious deep diving. What has been your experience of teaching music internationally? What have you loved? What do you struggle with?

For the first time ever, I recorded this episode live with 3 teachers and an audience! It was magic. It kind of felt like we were producing TV show.

Delphine Hastwell is the head of infants music at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore where she has worked for 20 years! In her time, Delphine has witnessed some amazing changes to her school, the music curriculum and her surroundings. 

Emma Jones has worked at Dover Court International School, Singapore for 4 years and has made it through a turbulent time with COVID restrictions. Emma's answer to my favourite question: "what makes a 'good' International school music teacher" is brilliant - you have to hear it! 

Tara Berryman has just started her 2nd year teaching at Regents International School, Bangkok. Tara surprises us all with her intimate connection to international schooling, not only as a teacher, but throughout her childhood as well. Tara provides fresh insights into what it means to teach music in an international school for those who are new to their role. Reach out to Tara with any questions:

This is the first time that we've taken the MTIIS podcast on the road and it was great fun!

A special thank you to the team at Bangkok Prep International School for providing space for this discussion. As always, click on one of the icons below to be taken to your platform of choice!


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