February 16

Ep 15 – International school music department leadership, student anxiety & Paperbark Publishing w/ Kirrili Williams


Kirrili Williams has been a Director of Music in international schools in Australia, UK, Oman and China.

With a research Masters in International Education, and many years experience teaching British-style and IB music, Kirrili provides articulate and nuanced insights for the MTIIS community. Kirrili is currently in Australia, so I made the trip up the coast to record this episode in-person. You may even hear the buzz of cicadas in the background - a quintessential sound of the Australian summer!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Kirrili's journey from owning a successful music school in Sydney to moving into international schooling in Oman and China.
  • How to successfully lead a diverse and dynamic music team in the international schooling context.
  • How to work effectively with staff from different musical backgrounds.
  • Why a Masters degree or research degree could be a great pathway for those looking to upskill or expand their understanding of the field of international schooling or music education.
  • Kirrili's latest research project looking at student anxiety and the way music educators often play a natural role in building in tools and scaffolding experiences to enhance resilience.
  • Paperbark Publishing, a resource to support music educators delivering content for listening/analysis exams, currently for CIE iGCSE and A Level Music, but expanding to other exam boards too.

These are just some of the highlights in what was an in-depth and fascinating discussion that reflects a broad view of music education in the international school context. All music department leaders and teachers will find some gold in this one!


Get in touch with Kirrili:

Email: kirriliwilliams@hotmail.com

Links to other content referenced in this episode:

Paperbark Publishing: https://paperbarkpublishing.com

Masters of Education (International Education) at the University of Sydney: https://www.sydney.edu.au/courses/courses/pc/master-of-education-international-education.html

Australian Society for Music Education National Conference, July 3rd-6th, 2023: https://aomevents.eventsair.com/australian-society-for-music-education-national-conference-2023-asme

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