August 9

EP. 25 – What makes good international school music teacher professional learning? w/ Anna Gower, Steve Jackman & Ken Owen


Welcome back to the MTIIS podcast for the northern hemisphere 2023/24 academic year!

We've had a little break to refresh and we're back and looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.

In this episode, I speak with Anna Gower, Steve Jackman and Ken Owen. Anna and Steve are both international school music teachers working in different schools in Bangkok, and Ken is the director of Musical Futures International. Please do listen to the full individual interviews with Anna and Steve - they're both nuanced and insightful conversations!

In this episode we explore:

  • Why it is so important for international school music teachers to participate in professional learning.
  • Some of our favourite PD sessions we've attended, and why.
  • The important differences between online and in-person courses/workshops.
  • Some of our most successful moments delivering professional learning.
  • Examples of awful PD that we've experienced.
  • Some exciting developments in music education that teachers should be looking to upskill in.
  • The upcoming Big Gig Kuala Lumpur by Musical Futures International.

Please note, we often use the following terms interchangeably throughout this episode: Professional learning, PD (Professional Development) or CDP (Continuous Professional Development).

I hope you enjoy the episode!


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