September 21

EP. 27 – Life in Luxembourg, learning from students & Richard Lane w/ Demo Dimitrakoulakos


Demosthenes (Demo) Dimitrakoulakos is the Academic Leader of the Arts and Upper School Music Teacher at the International School of Luxembourg (ISL). Demo has lived and worked in Luxembourg for 18 years! During his years at ISL, Demo has worked with his team to methodically transform the approach to music education at ISL. Demo is the National Coordinator of Music Education for Luxembourg as part of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS-m). He is now also chair of the board of EAS-m.

In this episode, Demo and I explore:

  • The incredible life and work of Demo's mentor, Richard Lane.
  • What is involved in his role at ISL and at EAS-m.
  • What it has been like to live and work in Luxembourg for 18 years, including Demo's reflections on why extended tenure can be incredibly positive for an international school music teacher.
  • How he has changed as a music teacher during his 18 years at ISL.
  • His perspective on what makes a 'good' international school music teacher.
  • The exciting collaboration he has made with the 'Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra' and how they will take up residency at his school this academic year. What an opportunity for students!

I really enjoyed getting to know Demo throughout this conversation. A relaxed and wise individual with so much to offer to the community! Enjoy.


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