March 6

EP. 38 – MYP Music & strings deep dive + teaching music in international schools in the USA & The Netherlands


Rebecca Wade-Chung is the current MYP/DP Music Teacher and the MYP Music Subject Coordinator at the International School of The Hague in the Netherlands.

I met Rebecca through MTIIS regular contributor, Samuel Wright, and knew a podcast conversation was on the cards.

Rebecca epitomises the evolution of an international school music teacher. Starting out as a pure string orchestra teacher, Rebecca then discovered the power of MYP general music during her time at Atlanta International School in the USA. Her time in this role was the catalyst for a large portion of this conversation, where Rebecca discusses the overall concept of international schooling in the USA, plus much more!

In this episode we explore:

  • Rebecca's initial journey to international school music teaching.
  • What it was like working in an international school in the USA, which offered classes in 4 languages.
  • How Rebecca has adapted to her new life/role in The Netherlands, with references (of course) to bike riding and rainy weather 😅
  • What it has been like to transition from a string orchestra teacher to a general music teacher.
  • How string teachers can effectively incorporate elements of the MYP music approach into orchestra lessons, including the key idea: "get off the podium".
  • An epic MYP unit (see links below) looking at the connection between visual arts, context and composition.
  • Rebecca's idea of a 'redemption concert' as a part of a deep reflective process for her orchestra students.

Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation and be sure to check out the links that Rebecca has kindly shared below.


Get in touch with Rebecca:


Links and resources from this episode:

For more info on the images unit, please check out Samuel Wright's book MYP Music Year 4&5 from Hodder Education at:

Link to a composition example from the 'Do images have sound?' unit:

For more info on the Atlanta Tiny Doors Project, please see the following link:

An MYP 3 example of a Middle School Ensemble based Unit task:

Also, here's a cool reflection assignment that the kids can do which is also middle school based but can easily be adjusted and upskilled for Senior High school students:

This episode is brought to you by the Unviersity of Warwick's new PGCEi iQTS program that now includes the perfect qualification to help music educators prepare to find the position of their dreams in an international school. Learn more here:

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