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What is the Big Gig?

The Big Gig is the future of music education professional learning. 

As the name suggests, these events are where music teachers get to play, make, create, experiment and explore new ideas in music education. No more sitting down listening to someone endlessly talk 'at' you . This is all about learning by doing!

Based in the 'informal learning' pedagogy from Musical Futures International and combined with electronic music, music technology pathways,  and aural pedagogies, these events have a strong reputation for helping teachers learn engaging and relevant approaches to music education in the international school context.

Check out footage from our previous Big Gigs:

Read what people have said about the Big Gig:

"The Big Gig workshop presented exciting pedagogical approaches to music education which is relevant in the 21st century. The workshop to me, challenges the traditional methods of music education offering diverse ways of engaging students across all levels and keeping their interest. The hands-on activities, student-centeredness and the promotion of collaboration among students are characteristic of Big Gig Workshops."

Emmanuel Osei-Owusu - Oberoi International School, India.

"Inspiring and motivating! Thank you MTIIS and Musical Futures for this initiative and for bringing together music teacher from around the world"

Wakaba - Nagoya International School.

"What’s been so fun and refreshing is just being in a room full of music educators and actually making music together”

Fiona - Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen.

“The Big Gig was a wonderful way to meet music educators and musical thinkers from around the world. Because international music educators are not bound by many barriers that music educators in state run institutions are, it was useful to experience the way that these international educators are making music come to life in their classrooms. The keynote speakers spoke and shared on topics that are important to any music educator and gave experiences that educators could use right away. Please keep making these connections"

 - Peter - Yokohama International School.

"The Big Gig - Mumbai 2024 was nothing short of absolutely spectacular fun! Two days spent exploring, tinkering, playing music and sharing ideas felt remarkably therapeutic, offering a respite from the demands of our daily teaching routines. The experience of simply playing music alongside fellow music educators provided an invaluable opportunity for rejuvenation and connection whilst reinforcing the significance of fostering a supportive community within the realm of music education. A big thank you to Chris Koelma, Michael Newton and Musical Futures International for the incredible resources they left us with and a revitalising reminder of the intrinsic rewards of being a music educator."

 - Justin Hockey - American School of Bombay, India.

“I loved the warm and positive atmosphere that was created by music teachers all supporting each other and listening to ideas in an open minded way”

 - James - Denla British School, Bangkok.

"A wonderful opportunity that brought neighboring music teachers together. It is rare that we get to build this kind of community in an international school setting. There is a tendency to get caught up in the Western style of music education but the Big Gig event helped facilitate a paradigm shift towards global understanding of music education"

Casey - Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin.

“The amount of hands on workshops was incredible!”

Matthew - Ministry of Education, Singapore.

"The Big Gig was a very fun and engaging experience. All sessions were of a practical nature and gave us participants the opportunity to experience some of the pedagogical approaches offered by the clinicians. It also provided for a wonderful opportunity to make meaningful connections with other music educators from other international schools in the region"

- Hector - St. Johnsbury Academy, Jeju

“I loved having the opportunity to learn from others and meet colleagues. The practical activities and music making”

Jen - Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang.

Check out this review from Damir Odobasic from Shanghai United International School, China: