January 17

Ep 13 – A deep dive into whole school music curriculum design w/ Steve Jackman


Steve Jackman is an expert in understanding how to develop whole school music programs in international schools.

Steve currently works at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok as the Head of Curriculum Music. He oversees curriculum music for K-13 and knows a thing or two about how to build a program that is relevant, innovative and connected to an individual school context. Steve also completed his dissertation looking at Music Technology in International Schools and has some brilliant ideas for how to integrate music-making using technology right from the early years.

In this episode, Steve and I discuss:

  • his current model for whole school curriculum, including a 'walk-through' from K-13.
  • a redefinition of the concept of 'music technology', based on his research in the field.
  • how to integrate Musical Futures into a whole school curriculum.
  • viewing each DAW as a separate instrument
  • the importance of connecting with your local international school network, if possible.

Steve is also part of the team working with Musical Futures International. Check out Episode 1 with Anna Gower for a deeper discussion about Musical Futures and informal learning. At the time of the release of this episode, the team is preparing for The Big Gig - a 2 day music teacher conference taking place at St. Andrews International School, Bangkok in March 2023. Here's some more info about the conference:

Why attend?

  • Practical workshops accompanied by a package of free and flexible online resources to support primary and secondary teaching.
  • Ideas for developing a contemporary and progressive curriculum that engages learners and prepares students of all ages to become 21st Century Musicians.
  • Get creative with music technology, build your classroom band, become creators in your classroom and explore scaffolded warm ups, games and Ideas to engage students of all ages with singing.


Get in touch with Steve:

Twitter: @sjeeves

Email: stephenjackman@gmail.com

Links to other content referenced in this episode:

The Big Gig - Musical Futures International Conference 2023, Bangkok: bit.ly/thebiggig4

Musical Futures website and free resources: http://www.musicalfuturesinternational.org

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