May 10

Ep. 21 – UK influences on international school music education w/ Dr. Liz Stafford


There are many 'types' of international schools. The two dominant powers influencing what happens in these schools are the UK and the USA. The reasons for this are largely economic, but also stem back to important historical movements, as well as, the more recent push and pull of globalisation. Anyway...a whole episode on 'international schools' is in the pipeline, so watch this space!

For now, we are going to focus on the influences coming from the UK context. And who better to discuss this with than Dr. Liz Stafford! Liz is a strong voice in the UK music education world and is regularly at the forefront of important conversations in this field. Liz also provides a wide range of resources and support services that may be very useful for international school music teachers (see below for links).

In this episode, Liz and I discuss:

  • Her background as a professional vocalist, including a quick exploration Liz's PhD looking at vocal performance and the work of Henry Purcell.
  • The current exciting developments and key challenges impacting music education in the UK.
  • The major debate in the UK around the place of classical music in schools.
  • The concept that all musics around the world are like separate 'languages'.
  • An overview of the CME course offered by Music Education Solutions and how the context-specific nature of this course applies beautifully to aspiring international school music educators looking for a formal music education qualification.
  • The features of the Primary Music Magazine and how international school music teachers can contribute an article!

Liz is keen to stay connected with international school music teachers and would love to learn more about this unique world. Head to the Music Education Solutions website for more info and check out the various contact details and links below.


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Links to other content referenced in this episode:

Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators accredited by Trinity College London:

Primary Music Magazine:

Music Education Solutions online courses:

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