December 18

EP. 33 – Düsseldorf, Salzburg & Zurich: three unique international school music teacher’s journeys


This episode features:

Melvyn Sawyer from International School of Düsseldorf, Germany;

Lindsay Stirrat from St. Gilgan International School, Austria, and;

Tracy Sons from Zurich International School, Switzerland.

This episode give us wonderful insights into 3 unique international school music education contexts. I explore each teacher's background and then ask them two key questions:

1) What is your favourite thing about being an international school music teacher?

2) What is one thing you've changed in your approach to music teaching since becoming an international school music teacher?

Each individual provides a unique contribution to both questions. I found the conversations both fascinating and super fun! Having interviewed many international school music teachers, I always find it inspiring to hear how teaching practice transforms over the years. International schooling is a space where personal and pedagogical shifts are commonplace and rapid. It's an exciting space to work!

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