January 23

EP. 35 – From Serbia to China, a full middle school music technology program & A.I. use cases w/ Damir Odobasic


Damir Odobasic is Head of Music at Shanghai United International School, China.

Growing up in Serbia and following a formal route to learning piano accordion, Damir came to a crossroads regarding his future. On the advice of a friend, he was encouraged to look at music teaching jobs in China. Fast-forward a few years and Damir has found his direction. A place where, as he calls it, he can "swim".

We start this episode with a beautiful piano accordion performance from Damir, before delving deep into a step-by-step walk through of his technology-focused middle school music curriculum. 

In this episode we explore:

  • a bit about Damir's life growing up in Serbia.
  • how Damir learnt about international school teaching and his process to decide between pursuing a career in IT or in music education.
  • the goals and purpose of his blog 'Damir Musicverse' (links below).
  • how Damir responded when his current principal asked him to design a future-focused music curriculum.
  • the three 'pillars' of his middle school music curriculum: theory/history, performance (ukulele) and technology.
  • the complete content and approach of the Grade 6, 7 and 8 music tech program.
  • how Damir is working with the wider school to explore use cases for A.I. to improve school systems, including improving efficiency when writing student testimonial statements.

Damir is such a lovely guy who is clearly passionate about what he is doing. Damir is excited to connect with the wider MTIIS community to share ideas and help others. This is also a fantastic interview for those who are non-dominant passport holders looking for guidance and inspiration for a move to international school music teaching.


Get in touch with Damir:

Damir Musicverse: https://www.damirmusictech.com/

Links and resources from this episode:

Damir's complete Grade 6, 7 & 8 Music Technology program outline:


End of year student survey guide:


GarageBand use cases guide:


Other apps and tools mentioned in this episode:

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