September 22

Ep 5 – Designing truly effective music education spaces in your international school w/ William Thompson


William Thompson is the Director of Education with Chamberlain Music and an amazing contact for the MTIIS community. 

He is an experienced music educator who is one of those people that all international school music teachers should know. His understanding of curriculum, pedagogy and music education philosophy informs every element of his work in his current role as a consultant. William works with international school music teachers from around the world to help them design and build world-class and truly effective music education spaces, including classrooms, practise rooms, recording studios, recital halls, concert halls, and theatres. He also specialises in setting up networked Apple-based music tech solutions in schools. William's approach is all about building connections within the international school music ed community. I met William over 10 years ago and in that time I've been able draw on his expertise and advice multiple times - it saved me (my school) time, money and headaches!

In this episode, William shares:

  • Some brilliant advice for international school music teachers who are looking for help with designing music ed spaces. 
  • His 3 top tips for those interested in setting up a recording space.
  • Some crazy and insightful stories from his past projects with international schools all around the world. 

Chamberlain Music is very happy to deal direct with school enquiries about the supply of equipment and instruments - they ship orders to most continents. They also supply many local distributors in countries across the world, and schools may prefer to use this route to access their products. Whichever way a school prefers to source equipment, Chamberlain Music is happy to provide advice and support. Contact William for more information on the best solution for your school.



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