October 19

Ep 7 – International schools in India & re-interpreting the IB music curriculum w/ Shayok Banerjee


Shayok Banerjee is an enthusiastic and innovative international school music educator from India. Shayok began learning the Hindusthani classical music tradition (vocals) before delving into a range of Western styles in his teens. After forming various fusion bands and groups, and after working as a professional musician in a range of contexts, Shayok then began on a path towards teaching the IB.

Shayok became enamoured by this fresh approach to music education and hasn't looked back! He now specialises in teaching IB music from a unique perspective that draws on his understanding of musical fusion, music technology and music production techniques.

In this episode we learn about:

  • Shayok's journey to international school teaching.
  • Some useful terminology around Indian Classical Music (including some important context about how it is learnt).
  • Indian/Western fusion by listening to Shayok perform some amazing music.
  • Some pro tips for how to include simple music tech tools (looping, Cubase and Bandlab) and Indian classical ideas into our lessons.
  • Improvisation, jamming and chord identification activities.

This is a valuable episode for those new to international school music teaching and those who are keen to learn more about Indian classical music in the international school context!


Get in touch with Shayok:

Website: https://shayok.myportfolio.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shayokbanerjee/

YouTube Channel (for examples of Shayok's music): www.youtube.com/Sayakmusic

Links to other content referenced in this episode:
BOSS RC3 Looping Pedal: https://www.boss.info/au/products/rc-3/
Bandlab: https://www.bandlab.com
Cubase: https://www.steinberg.net/cubase/


IB, India, Pedagogy