March 20

EP. 39 – “The classroom is a stage”, teaching from the drum kit & a personal journey with ADHD w/ Chris McLeay


Chris McLeay didn't really start getting 'into' music until his twenties.

Music became an expressive outlet and tool for personal growth for Chris.

After completing a music education degree, some time spent working with a powerful Musical Futures program in South Melbourne (Australia), and multiple other music ed projects, Chris moved into the role of Primary Music Teacher at Discovery College, Hong Kong.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Chris' journey to teaching in Hong Kong, and what he loves about living and working there.
  • his unique approach to teaching early years and primary music.
  • how Chris uses colour-coding to support neurodivergence in his classroom.
  • the concept of "the classroom is a stage", including why Chris has a full lighting rig in his primary music classroom.
  • why/how to teach primary music 'from the drum kit'.
  • Chris' project 'ta-da music' - a collection of super fun themed songs for early years and primary students!
  • some strategies for how he manages his ADHD as a music teacher in a demanding international school.

Chris is such a fun guy. Seriously, when you hang out with the dude you can't help but laughing and joking most of the time! Chris is also a keen hiker and took me on a beautiful hike in HK when we were together in November 2023 - all avid hikers/trail runners should definitely add HK to their travel bucket list! 

We hope you enjoy this wide-ranging and enlightening episode.


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Links and resources from this episode:

Ta-Da!!! Music - FREE online sing-alongs made by Chris:
Full channel:

Featured Songs:
- Build It Up -
- I'm a Little Robot -
- Evergreen Desiduous -

'ESF (English Schools Foundation) Schools' - 22 international school in HK:

'What comes before phonics' book:

Planbook - planning tool:

Future AdHD - specific ADHD Planner:

Musical Futures International:

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